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    2009 - 12.01

    Hey there !

    Well ehhm first of all I’d like to thank every blogger on the planet for their huge efforts on explaining & concluding things I was searching for like computer terminologies, scientific definitions, programming solutions, technical support, and the list goes on & on…

    So I’ve thought

    Why Shouldn’t I share my knowledge like others do?? I can contribute my projects to get the world see my work !!..

    This would allow employers to evaluate my work quality + it opens the field for discussion where others can give comments on my work for improvement and debugging  purposes on the other hand it should be useful for those acquiring knowledge where they can check previous work of their interest and try to learn, understand & match to their actual needs.

    basically it’ll be categorized into the following:-

    Basically my blog will be divided into the following categories:-

    • > Portfolio
    • > Piano
    • > Scuba Diving
    1) Portfolio:-
    At this section I’ll include an overview of some of my previous projects that I’ve taken part in. Projects that are related to my field of study and work. Including Source Code, Screenshots & Simple Documentation.
    2) Piano:-
    My Piano Recordings, including some video tutorials, music sheet notes & midi files. As piano is my passionate instrument which I’ve been playing since I was 8.
    3) Scuba Diving:-
    Some photos and videos shot during my scuba diving sessions. As I’m a ‘ PADI ‘ certified advanced open water diver.

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