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    My Teapot – An OpenGL 3D Shooting Game w/ src

    2010 - 07.31

    My Teapot is a Projective space 3D Game, the player tries to prevent the collision between the teapot and the red opponents, while go for the green ones.. Also they can shoot any red opponent.

    ..:: Controls ::..

    W – Up

    S – Down

    A – Left

    D – Right

    SPACE – Shoot

    ..:: Download ::..

    Please contact me through email to send you the source code.

    ..:: Prerequisite ::..

    TAO OpenGL Library

    Visualize Tool

    2009 - 12.01

    Visualize tool was my final OOP task required.

    It reads any .CS file and parse strings (using simple string operations) in order to extract all classes, attributes & functions present.

    Also it has the ability to determine Access Modifiers, parent / children classes, defined and inherited attributes and functions.


    Visualize Tool

    Download Source File (VS 2008)

    Simple Notepad using C#

    2009 - 12.01

    Simple notepad program that behaves similarly to windows built-in ‘notepad’

    V.2 Features:-

    1- Detect altered text

    2- Add ‘*’ to altered text control’s title

    3- Prompt user to save changes on exit / open new file

    V.1 Features:-

    1- Basic file operations (new/open/save/save as)

    2- Basic text operations (cut/copy/paste/select all)

    3- Basic text editing properties (Wrap text/font)



    Download Source File (VS 2008)

    Basic Calculator using C#

    2009 - 12.01

    Simple calculator program that behaves similarly to windows built-in ‘calc’

    N.B. Scientific option was not yet implemented and is left for interested ‘Geeks’ ;)



    Download Source File (VS 2008)

    Simple File Explorer Using C#

    2009 - 12.01

    Simple file explorer that makes use of the hierarchical tree view control


    Simple File Explorer in C#

    Download Source File (VS 2008)