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    iOS Filter Control

    2012 - 06.16

    Hello every geek out there!

    This is an easy to use UIControl Subclass. Zero Graphics. Highly Customizable.

    It’s inspired from National Geographics: Park Guides.

    You may Get/Pull/Fork full source code from here: https://github.com/ShadyElyaski/ios-filter-control


    The MIT License (MIT)

    Special thanks to mash, Ltd. team for their kind support.

    My Teapot – An OpenGL 3D Shooting Game w/ src

    2010 - 07.31

    My Teapot is a Projective space 3D Game, the player tries to prevent the collision between the teapot and the red opponents, while go for the green ones.. Also they can shoot any red opponent.

    ..:: Controls ::..

    W – Up

    S – Down

    A - Left

    D – Right

    SPACE - Shoot

    ..:: Download ::..

    Please contact me through email to send you the source code.

    ..:: Prerequisite ::..

    TAO OpenGL Library

    My House – A Basic OpenGL Geometric Drawings…

    2010 - 07.31

    My House is a simple OpenGL animation which demonstrates the power of drawing complex shapes using basic geometry..

    ..:: Controls ::..

    Press anywhere to trigger the animation on!

    ..:: Download ::..

    My House (executable)

    My House_src (VS 2008)

    ..:: Prerequisite ::..

    TAO OpenGL Library

    My Snake… The OpenGL Snake Game w/ src

    2010 - 07.31

    My Snake is the traditional snake game done using C# and OpenGL.

    ..:: Controls ::..

    W – Up

    S – Down

    A – Left

    D – Right

    Any other key to pause the game

    ..:: Download ::..

    My Snake (executable)

    My Snake_src (VS 2008)

    ..:: Prerequisite ::..

    TAO OpenGL Library

    SewSew – The C#er WPF Twitter Client

    2010 - 07.17

    SewSew is a WPF twitter client developed in C# that has many features including:-

    1- Responsive UI in heavy duty operations

    2- Users’ DP and tweet auto-cache

    3- Reply to a tweet

    [Known Issues]

    1- No Arabic/Unicode characters support


    SewSew (executable)

    SewSew_src (VS 2010)

    SudoMe :: A Sudoku Game Solver

    2010 - 07.14

    SudoMe Screenshot

    SudoMe is an easy to use Sudoku game solver which uses mathematical algorithms to solve any given soduko.


    SudoMe V 1.5.2 (Executable)

    SudoMe_src V 1.5.2 (VS 2008)

    Boids :: Birds behaviour simulation in C#

    2010 - 07.14

    Boids Screenshot

    Boids, developed by Craig Reynolds in 1986, is an artificial life program, simulating the flocking behaviour of birds.

    As with most artificial life simulations, Boids is an example of emergent behaviour; that is, the complexity of Boids arises from the interaction of individual agents (the boids, in this case) adhering to a set of simple rules. The rules applied in the simplest Boids world are as follows:

    • separation: steer to avoid crowding local flockmates
    • alignment: steer towards the average heading of local flockmates
    • cohesion: steer to move toward the average position of local flockmates

    src: wikipedia

    How To:-

    Right Mouse Click: Add new Blue Boid

    Left Mouse Click: Add new Red Boid

    What happens next?

    The blue boids try to move in groups – notice they have a limited sight vision! They always fear the red boids so they try avoid them.


    Boids (Executable)

    Boids_src (VS 2008)

    Tutorial: Access Windows 7 New Features In Your C# Applications

    2010 - 06.03

    Ever wanted to create a more attractive applications using those new cool features of windows 7 including:-

    1- Windows Aero Glass (Forms Look transparent to background)

    2- Taskbar Progress (when downloading or copying files)

    3- Taskbar Controls (Try Windows Media Player Play-Next-Previous, when hovering on it’s icon on taskbar)

    4- Icon Overlaying (Think of MSN online-offline-busy icons)


    And Much more…

    [1- Windows Aero Glass]


    WindowsAeroDemo (Executable)

    WindowsAeroDemo_src (VS 2010)

    [2- Taskbar Progress]


    TaskbarProgressDemo (Executable)

    TaskbarProgressDemo_src (VS 2010)

    [3- Taskbar Controls]


    TaskbarControls (Executable)

    TaskbarControls_src (VS 2010)