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    Tutorial: Access Windows 7 New Features In Your C# Applications

    2010 - 06.03

    Ever wanted to create a more attractive applications using those new cool features of windows 7 including:-

    1- Windows Aero Glass (Forms Look transparent to background)

    2- Taskbar Progress (when downloading or copying files)

    3- Taskbar Controls (Try Windows Media Player Play-Next-Previous, when hovering on it’s icon on taskbar)

    4- Icon Overlaying (Think of MSN online-offline-busy icons)


    And Much more…

    [1- Windows Aero Glass]


    WindowsAeroDemo (Executable)

    WindowsAeroDemo_src (VS 2010)

    [2- Taskbar Progress]


    TaskbarProgressDemo (Executable)

    TaskbarProgressDemo_src (VS 2010)

    [3- Taskbar Controls]


    TaskbarControls (Executable)

    TaskbarControls_src (VS 2010)