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    My interview at Sarmady – A Vodafone Company

    2011 - 09.22
    Howdy People :)
    Loooong time eh? I’ve been really busy lately doing my military service..
    Anyway I’ve intended to blog about my interview at Sarmady – A Vodafone Company. I know I know it has been more than a year now, but I’ve found a text note on my old laptop having those interview questions, so I asked myself why not to share them now =)
    Interview at Sarmady, was basically in 4 phases:-
    Phase 1 (Technical Written Interview):
    Written on a single A4 paper those questions:
    • Difference between Queue and stack
    • Difference between hashtable and array
    • Difference between malloc and new (keywords)?
    typedef struct{
    long date;
    char* name;
    } Actions;
    • Sort the above struct (in a form of Linked List) by date through code or drawing
    I was really worried, because the other candidate wrote much on his paper! I though it was kind of fail for me! :D
    Phase 2 (Technical Oral Interview):
    Next, I met iOS Team Leader – Ahmed Essam. He interviewed me for almost 30 mins asking some technical questions:
    • Define pointer to functions? What is callback?
    • Difference between outer join and inner join SQL statements
    • Why are Design Patterns used? Define Delegation Pattern?
    • How to prevent different processes from accessing the same file at the same time? Mutex, Semaphore.
    • What’s a web service? What’s the difference between SOAP and REST?
    • Talk about your graduation project.
    Phase 3 (Assignment):
    After then, Ahmed Essam asked me to choose one of two assignment projects that can be written under any preferable programming language:
    1. Flickr Image Viewer and Search.
    2. Twitter Client.
    I chose the second Twitter client project, and have successfully submitted SewSew – Twitter Client under WCF, in 2/3 days I remember.
    Phase 4 (HR Meeting):
    It was a very simple meeting with the CTO – Samia Gamal, Mobile Apps. Manager – Ramez Mohamed & HR Manager – Harrison Austins.
    I remember I’ve been asked very general questions about my previous projects, my vision, and how do I find mobile applications interesting and most importantly talking about my GP (Graduation Project).
    I’ve then received an email from Harrison, saying that I’ve been accepted to join Sarmady’s team! =) Hooray ;)
    My Opinion about 6 months working @ Sarmady:
    Shortly – I literally enjoyed every moment I spent there.  I learnt a lot, more than you could imagine! I made lot of friends and contacts (although I was the youngest in there). I’ve been engaged with mobile developers community in the region. Also I’ve attended couple of meetings & seminars..
    Wish you all best of luck in your career ;-)