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  • MyShooter – Opengl First Person Shooter Game

    2010 - 04.01

    MyShooter is a first person shooter game developed under C# using Tao opengl library


    MD2 Model loading

    1-    Shotgun

    2-    Opponents

    3-    Bonus packs


    1-    Background music

    2-    Shotgun reloading

    3-    Shooting a bullet


    Skybox is used as an environment for the game that simulates the background world.

    Bill boarding

    Game uses bill boarding technique so that the opponents always rotate to face the hero.

    Bonus Packs

    The opponents leave a health packs randomly when they die and the hero can grab to increase his healthy status.


    The hero can jump to bypass different obstacles.


    Game uses fog technique in order to harden the game level so that far opponents would look foggy.



    Game Manual

    Setup (.MSI)

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    7 Responses to “MyShooter – Opengl First Person Shooter Game”

    1. Simo says:

      Tab3an our graphics project kicks your graphics project’s butt :P

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    3. ZiKaS says:

      Nice game! What a great one :D If you need an AI for it tell me :P

    4. ahmad says:

      السلام عليكم اخي كيف حالك انا طالب علوم حاسوب وحابب اتعلم من لعبتك فايريت لو تتكرم علينا بالسورس كود وشكرا الك مقدما

    5. Precisely how much time did it acquire u to compose “MyShooter – Opengl First Person
      Shooter Game

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