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  • My House – A Basic OpenGL Geometric Drawings…

    2010 - 07.31

    My House is a simple OpenGL animation which demonstrates the power of drawing complex shapes using basic geometry..

    ..:: Controls ::..

    Press anywhere to trigger the animation on!

    ..:: Download ::..

    My House (executable)

    My House_src (VS 2008)

    ..:: Prerequisite ::..

    TAO OpenGL Library

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    9 Responses to “My House – A Basic OpenGL Geometric Drawings…”

    1. amanuel says:

      hi i need the source code for the house

    2. sue says:

      Hi, admin may i get the source of the House and My Teapot Games… A Lot Of Thanks! really appreaciate it… i really need it for my future reference. Tx..

    3. josefe says:

      hi i need the source code for the house.

    4. Somboun CS1_IT Computer says:

      I would like to get this Code….

      How i can get??

      Thanks ^^

    5. gekgeko says:

      i need the code

    6. ragavi says:

      i need this code

    7. sharmila says:

      hello…may i have the source code plz
      Tq in advance


    8. reny says:

      i want the source code plez :(

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