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  • A Multilayer Perceptron Library in C# with OCR Demo

    2010 - 06.03

    Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) is a well known field of study in the Neural Networks.

    It’s has been widely used in various fields of machine learning.

    Demo: An Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Demo on MLP library

    Welcome WizardWizard to assist user input for various setup parameters of the MLP.

    Input SamplesSpecify File Path which contains Samples’ Data with an option to normalize those features in the file.

    Desired DataSpecify File Path which contains Desired Data.

    Layers SetupLayers setup, including activation functions and learning rates of each.

    Note that input and output neurons are already pre-calculated from previous 2 wizard steps.

    Additional ConfigSpecifying additional configurations for learning satisfiable conditions.

    Finish WizardFinish Wizard.

    MLP DrawAdditional Option to draw the MLP specified for demonstration purposes.

    Windows 7 SupportLearning in a separate thread with an option to stop at anytime.

    Note that Demo has support for window 7 Aero and Taskbar features.

    GraphLearning error output graph.


    Multilayer Perceptron lib

    OCR Demo

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    13 Responses to “A Multilayer Perceptron Library in C# with OCR Demo”

    1. ZiKaS says:

      I’ve liked the project Shedo! Really it’s very user friendly :) Good Job dude (Y)
      NB Hope if it was in C++ :P

    2. Anton says:


      What about source code?

    3. Akhilesh says:

      Hello Shady, I am an geoscience undergraduate student I have to put an simmilar type of project for my research so if you can provide me the source code of your projected i will be greatly indebted.

      you can sent me it on my email goyal2akhilesh@gmail.com

    4. Pakeerthan says:

      Hello sir, I am form srilanka. Firs up all i apologies to you. because i don’t know good English.
      Sir, I have to learn c# language completely. And I have to create a project for my diploma. But can’t complete my project because I don’t know c# very well. Can you help me. If u can contact my gmail address. Thank you. (worthpakee@gamil.com)

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