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    2010 - 05.24


    [.Net 3.5 Technology Compliant Class Library]
    [Universal Input Validation]
    [Illustrative UI]
    [Different Modes [ASCII/HEX/Binary/File]]
    [All Algorithms Working under optimized Byte Arrays]
    ——[Chapter 2]——
    [1] General Caesar
    [2] Monoalphabetic
    – Random Cipher Generation
    – Validation for duplicates
    [3] Vigenere
    – Auto key & Repeating Key Generation
    – Auto-update
    [4] Playfair
    – Auto-Draw Digram Cipher
    – Auto-Validate Input for duplicates & size
    [5] Hill Cipher
    – Auto-Pad
    – Auto-Draw Key Matrix
    – Validate Sizes
    [6] Rail Fence
    – Draw Tree
    – Auto-update
    [7] Columnar
    – Auto-Divide input across available places
    – Auto-Draw user input text
    – User defined key & Key size
    ——[Chapter 3]——
    [1] DES
    – View all keys
    ——[Chapter 4]——
    [1] Extended Euclids
    [2] GCD
    ——[Chapter 5]——
    [1] AES
    – Different Key Sizes [128/192/256 bits]
    ——[Chapter 6]——
    [1] RC4
    [2] Triple-DES
    ——[Chapter 8]——
    [1] Primality Test
    – Fermat’s
    – Miller-Rabin
    ——[Chapter 9]——
    [1] RSA
    – Generate Random Private Key
    ——[Chapter 10]——
    [1] Diffe Hellman
    [2] ECC
    – Generate Random Private Key
    – Key Exchange
    ——[Chapter 12]——
    [1] MD5
    [2] SHA-1
    ——[Chapter 13]——
    [1] DSS

    This Library is organized by NameSpaces based on chapters from Cryptography and Network Security by William Stallings


    Dll Library [v.1]

    Demo App [v.1]

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    5 Responses to “iCryptography – A C# Cryptography Library”

    1. Hajer says:

      Very Good job.

      what about open source sharing ,, it is more powerful thinking ..Think about it.

      I got an offer to work in a certain project in summer because I do support open source trends and I worked in project that i will make it open source. isA..

      I also got that idea to share the security package to let people enhance on it ,, and use it if they want. .. but I am planning to make it open source isA.

      • First of all, many thanks for your reply! :)

        This thinking is more than great and I can’t agree any more (I’ve already shared couple of projects in here with source code) were simple projects in fact. But in order to share such a big project, then you need to have either of those targets:-
        1- Allow other developers to post hacks and enhancements? So you’ll need to post your project to a source control system which tracks all code changes and version and interaction, bugs and comments across users, developers & testers.
        2- Open Sourced for the sake of others to review on your code and alter it to their needs before using it? but then you’ll need to search for the right licence which specifies your rights.

        Either ways I believe you don’t want to take part in a situation were other student seekers are able to copy your whole project as it is, correct? Think of next year students of Dr. Hashem?

        You can help people by supporting them with the source code and full documentation of a specific problem (but think again before posting a whole general project were it can be easily misused)

        Please let me know about your thoughts …

    2. chung says:

      you should create video or post guide tool Cryptography.dll, because it hard for new programer.

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