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    2010 - 07.14

    SudoMe Screenshot

    SudoMe is an easy to use Sudoku game solver which uses mathematical algorithms to solve any given soduko.


    SudoMe V 1.5.2 (Executable)

    SudoMe_src V 1.5.2 (VS 2008)

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    5 Responses to “SudoMe :: A Sudoku Game Solver”

    1. Tasniem says:

      niceee (Y)
      Can I know what algorithms or techniques you used ?

      • Thnx :)
        Actually I’ve done it 2 years ago xD Currently it uses trial and error to test all possible cases.. but I was working and reading about different strategies.. That was long time ago eh.. U can checkout the source code or find lots of references out there ..
        Cheers ..

    2. vishnupriya says:

      hi…can u plz send me the source code of sudome using c++ with manual

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